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Private Property Authorization Form

Private Property Authorization Form

Priority Tow DBA Brent Air Towing
2143 Pontius Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone 310-208-7789
In accordance with Section 22658 of the California Vehicle Code, the following named individuals have the authority to order and sign for the removal of vehicles located at the following location.
Please list ALL individuals authorized to sign for a vehicle removal. (This list should include; maintenance, leasing/on-site managers and security). If your security company does not have authorization to remove vehicles please note this. Updated authorization must be received be/are a new individual may request tow.
As those above-named persons are acting in an official capacity as either a property owner, manager or authorized agent, I understand that as per the California Vehicle Code section 22658 without prior written notice to Priority Tow DBA Brent Air Towing no other persons will be allowed to have illegally parked vehicles towed from said location. Please advise all authorized signers that they will be asked to present a photo 10 at time of tow request, this includes security guards and property managers.
Please be sure your property has the correct signs posted at each entrance before requesting a tow truck, this sign must be at least 17x22 inches listing; a phone number for your local police department along with the address, phone number and " Priority Tow DBA Brent Air Towing "name. Furthermore, you will be provided with a copy of the California Vehicle Code along with this authorization. Please contact us with any questions regarding to proper signage.

Vehicle Release Form Updated 2022 Priority Tow

I agree to hold harmless Priority Tow DBA Brent Air Towing to release the vehicle and /or its contents to:
If releasing to insurance company:
Furthermore, I agree to allow Priority Tow DBA Brent Air Towing to release the above vehicle and or its contents. I, the undersigned do hereby acknowledge that the Authorized Agent taking possession of said vehicle and or its contents is responsible for verifying the vehicle and or its contents is received in satisfactory condition: