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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions. If there is something specific you need, please give us a call!

How quickly can you get to my location?2022-05-24T09:33:06-07:00

We will arrive between 15-30 minutes after your call! You are our priority!

Do you tow illegally parked vehicles?2022-05-24T09:31:01-07:00

If a car is parked illegally, unsafely, or without proof of registration, it can be removed immediately. We will tow any vehicle if it is blocking any marked or signed No Parking Any Time, Construction zone, Fire Lane, Fire Hydrant, Bus Zone, Handicapped parking space, or other no parking areas, per 22651 (n),(l),(j) CVC and 22652 CVC. We will also remove a vehicle for a car alarm sounding over a 20-minute period, per 22651.5 CVC.

Can you remove a vehicle that is blocking a roadway, sidewalk or driveway?2022-05-21T08:05:53-07:00

Yes, vehicles cannot block a street, lane of traffic, driveway, sidewalk, any other vehicle or any public right-of-way. Obstructing vehicles can be towed immediately as a safety hazard, per 22651 (a), (b), (d), (r) CVC.

Can you remove a vehicle that is parked unauthorized, unattended or blocking private property?2022-05-21T08:12:24-07:00

Yes, if a vehicle is not authorized to park in private property parking lots or other spaces. Private property must have specific signs at property entrances and vehicles must be parked in violation, according to the vehicle code. We can provide signs for your property. Police officers may also remove vehicles from private property in some circumstances. Vehicle towed or removed must be reported to the police. Property owners can call us to tow vehicles immediately, per 22658 (a) CVC

Can you tow a vehicle that has excessive parking violations?2022-05-23T03:41:24-07:00

Yes, vehicles that have received 5 (five) or more unpaid parking tickets from any government agency, can be towed at any time. Once the parking citations are paid, the vehicle can be released to the owner. Vehicles can be towed, per 22651 (i) CVC.

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